About Scavengers of Ruakaka

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How it Works.

Have a look in the back of your cupboards, on the top shelf, or down the back of the garage - everybody has stuff they hang on to for one reason or another. At Scavengers we know it's too good to throw out! Bring it in and we'll find it a new home, and donate 100% of the sale price to a local charity. Recycling isn't about riding your bike backwards!



How you can help.

Come in with your box of stuff and leave with two. The more you buy, the cheaper it is. We haven't got it? Let us know. You'd be surprised how quickly things appear when there's an order!


Who we are.

Scavengers is the brainchild of semi-retired but working her butt off ex professional rock musician mother of three (Grandmother of two!) Yvonne Judge. Infamous in the thriving metropolis of New Zealand's Northland for generating cash from trash and giving it all away.


Why we do it.

Affectionately known as 'Gods Mailroom' Scavengers is all about people helping people. It all started with collecting milk bottle tops and toilet rolls for the local primary school, and grew from there. Dropping your stuff off at Scavengers is better than taking it to the tip; it gets a new home and money goes to local worthwhile causes. Speaking of worthwhile causes, if you have one or know of someone who does, get in touch.


Scavengers Helpers.

A big shout out to all the Scavengers Helpers who give their time for free to help with the cause. There's always lots of ironing, folding sorting and cleaning to do. If you live up North and feel like chipping in to help out give us a call, we'd love to hear from you. You get to wear a badge that says HEED, and morning tea on your birthday.